Mature Content Policy

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identifying unacceptable sexual content

the criteria for identifying unnacceptable content

Here are some additional questions we ask to determine if a piece of content is not acceptable for our films.  While this mainly relates to sexual content the fundamentals can be applied towards violence and course language.

  1. If the purpose is to ‘titillate’ the audience.
  2. If it is for shock value.
  3. If it is simply to be controversial.
  4. If there is a distinct intent to be offensive.
  5. If it has no decided justification or purpose.
  6. If the film objectifies or treats woman (or men) in a demeaning fashion, the sexual content is not permitted. This does not mean that the characters in the movie cannot be ‘objectified’ because it is, unfortunately, something that happens in real life, and there may be times while in illustrating a point or larger picture; the ‘objectification’ of a character (male or female) may be appropriate in context of the film.

    However, it is imperative that the objectification comes from the created characters and not the filmmakers or the movie itself. In other words, any objectification must be from other characters through the events of the story and not the filmmakers objectifying the actor for the audience’s pleasure or entertainment. It is the filmmaker’s responsibility to ensure that they showcase it in such a way that it provides an empathetic view that allows for insight to human condition on either side (the objectified or the one objectifying.)
  7. If it lacks any deeper insight into the characters psyche, soul, spirit, or emotional and mental state, other than simply showing that they are having sex.
  8. If the films overall tone is light-hearted or focused on humor – any heavy sexual related material such as rape or abuse, or any sexual content that generally create negative or painful emotions.
  9. If the content does not fit within the tone of the rest of the film.
"If it has no decided justification or purpose; Thousand Year Films does is NOT permit the content."