vision & values

Thousand Year Films’ vision is to tells stories that are meaningful and relevant throughout time.

We explore life through film.

corporate values

We believe that in order to have a successful production; having strong, clearly defined values in both the creative and corporate realms are essential.  

As a Company we hold the culture of our team in the highest regard, it is our belief that a cohesive team can solve any problem, can leverage diversity of thought and will deliver a superior product. Our company is built upon organizational strategy utilizing technology and structure to help us establish an environment that frees our artists to create.  Our skilled team members are intrinsically motivated, focused and committed to each project we take on. 

excerpts from the Thousand Year Films manifesto

Click on the buttons below to read in-depth samples of the various topics covered.  We recommend starting with #1. Alignment, but you are free to jump to whatever peaks your interest!

In "Alignment" we explain why alignment to our companies, mission, goals, culture, policies and procedures is imperative for each person involved.

In "Striving for Excellence", we look at the differences between being a perfectionist and striving for excellence, and illustrate why we value one over the other.

The concept of "Opportunity Cost" is something that we want everyone involved with our company to understand.  
To be able to look at every decision they make and decide that the true cost of it is.

In "Criticism and Feedback" we analyze how to both give and receive useful, unbiased criticism and feedback within our company.  
This lays a groundwork for a safe environment to create without the feeling of judgement.

Our "Code of Conduct" is a high-level document of how people should conduct themselves while working.  It covers a wide range of subjects.