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watch the concept video

This video is for conceptual purposes only and is not a direct representation of an actual product. It is intended to demonstrate the visual and emotional tone of the film "Father of Nations" currently in production under Thousand Year Films Inc. and The Burn Movie Inc. All design elements present herein, both audio and visual, are not final designs, nor are they guaranteed to be utilized or recreated in the final film. Including but not limited to: characters, dialogue, locations, sounds, music, wardrobe, titles and names, cast and crew, or any specific narrative demonstration and/or interpretation portrayed within. 


listen to the music

The album; "Father of Nations: Hymns for the End Vol.1", featuring music created for the film Father of Nations is now available on SpotifyiTunes,  Amazon and many more streaming and music download services!  You can also get the CD from Amazon On Demand.


We have a long way to go in production on this film and are looking for more delightfully talented people to join us in making something wonderful.



We will be casting additional roles in the feature film "Father of Nations" in the near future, if you are interested in acting in this film please fill out this casting form.

We are committed to finding the right person for the role, whether you are a professional actor or a yet to be discovered prodigy; we will consider you!



We are looking for more people to join our crew in bringing this beautiful film to life.  If you want to be a part of the crew on this epic production; please fill out this application here.


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