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Nathan Horch   Producer

Nathan Horch


Nathan brings over a decade of film production experience and a lifetime of creativity to Thousand Year Films. He has a solid vision of the creative portfolio that the company holds and is a primary contributor to the creative content as a writer, visual effects artist and musician. As an editor, he selects the most impactful performances, images and music to tell meaningful soulful stories. 

Aleisha Anderson   Producer

Aleisha Anderson


Aleisha's focus as a Producer and Director is creating a culture which empowers the team to create and execute.  She brings a diverse background to Thousand Year Films, spanning Project Management, Business Analysis, Sociology, Learning & Development, Training and Film Analysis; this gives her a unique perspective blending the functional and creative aspects of the company.

Nate Rau   Equipment Manager & Safety Coordinator

Nate Rau

Equipment Manager & Safety Coordinator

Nate's work ethic, heart and problem solving abilities earn him the "hardest working man on set" title. His care for the people and equipment ensures that we have the right tools and safest practices. Nate brings with him an incredibly positive attitude that lifts people up and bring out the best in others. On set, he sets a tone of professionalism, efficiency and fun. 

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