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BUrN Project Behind the scenes:

"Final Development Shoot"

"This was one of my fondest days of development. It was just a small intimate group, and it was just such a bittersweet day as it was the last day of shooting for our proof of concept video for the film. It was calm and tranquil and very low stress... development was special.

Now, we're gearing up to shoot the actual movie for real. No more concept, no more "tests"... but it is my wish that the tone set during production, no matter what size the shoot may be or how many people; this is the tone I want. Peace, safety and a strong bond between all involved."

Nathan Horch (Writer/Director)

BELOW:  Screenshots from what we filmed on this day as you can see in the video.

Adam Cry.png
BeforeAft - Adam Dead 2.png
Smokey Climb.png
Spirit Return Close (Color).png
Smokey Climb Amara.png
BurnDev_Through the Maze_C0002_000234.png


  BURN - Concept Video (10:05)

About BURN

“The story of BURN explores the final moments of humanity, through the eyes of the last people on earth.  This austere post-apocalyptic world is the perfect backdrop to explore some very challenging yet timeless themes. Having the characters facing the end of all things means this film simply cannot be done without tackling the idea of faith and hope; it’s part of it’s DNA.   This film, almost like a prayer of deep humility, is not afraid to ask questions of God; ones born out of the extreme and desperate reality of the characters but also with the innocent wonder of a child.  Further, we do not shy away from the fact that this story is committed to the end of all things because it is in the face of extinction that the sanctity of life becomes indisputable.  It is an intimate exploration of life, hope and death. Using stunning imagery and a powerful soundtrack to paint the world of BURN our goal is to create a canvas to discover beauty in the darkness as we follow these last people to the ends of the earth; a film that is powerful; both rich in beauty and unwavering in it’s honesty.   It is my hope that all those who experience this film will have their lives touched in a profound way.   I am so very grateful for all those who have devoted their hearts, donated their money and volunteered their time to this project so far, and await with an open and eager heart for all of you, who have yet to join us on this journey. We can not do it without you.”  

Nathan Horch (Writer/Director)

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