“Father of Nations” CAST

“Father of Nations” Production CREW

Special Thanks

to all those who have contributed to the production of this film

John Arbuthnott  //  Patrick Ewing  //  Vlad Gincher  //  Caitlin Heide  //  Andrew Oliphant  //  Cam Speirs  //  Cameron Asman  //  Todd Asman //  Sheri Asman  //  Miranda Baker

Brad Batten  //  Josh Becker  //  Tim Bergmann  //  Daniel Bidulock  //  Ed Bremer  //  Sharon Bremer  //  Jordan Drake  //  Kallan Friesen  //  Melissa Friesen // Susan Ruth

Dale Heide  //  Mary-Joan Heide  //  Jeff Henderson  //  Kari Holder  //  Andrew Horch  //  Karen Horch  //  Mark Horch  //  Cindy Kaufman  //  Sarah Kirschenman

Tammy Love  //  Nicole Misura-Leitch  //   Colin Sheldon  //  Laurie-Anne St. George  //  Dane Thrun  //  Charis Horch  // Greg Schild

Steve Driediger  //  Susan Rau  //  Cecil Rau


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We will be casting additional roles in the feature film "Father of Nations" in the near future, if you are interested in acting in this film; please fill out this casting form.

We are looking for more people to join our crew in bringing this beautiful film to life.  If you want to be a part of the crew on this epic production; please fill out this application here.