FAQ about burn

What genre is Burn?
BURN is a post-apocalyptic drama.  

What other movies is this film comparable to?
The styling's of director Terrance Malick are a major inspiration for style of this film, in particular, The Tree of Life (2011).  If you imagine combining "The Tree of Life" with the original "The Land Before Time", you may be on the right path!

When will this film be in production?
We are currently seeking financing for the film, our production dates are to be determined, and are reliant on funding.  Currently our goal is to shoot during the spring-fall of 2018, but this is subject to change.

When will this film be released?
Determining the release date or window is reliant on when production happens, which is reliant on funding.  We estimate about 12 months of post-production once production has wrapped.  The release will likely happen within weeks or months after this. Our best guess right now is 2020 but is subject to change.

What will this film be rated?
The film, BURN, will be submitted to the ratings board upon completion and before release.  While we do not get to pick what rating is given to the film we can aim for certain ones.  It is most important to us to be able to tell the story honestly to maximize the impact.  This film deals does deal with some mature subject matter and we believe the most likely ratings for this film will be 'R' in the United States and 14A in Canada. We recommend reading about our Mature Content Policy for more information on how we decide what content is acceptable in our films.

Will there be zombies, vampires, unicorns or other mythical creatures in this post-apocalyptic film?
This film is an exploration life, hope and death through human emotional, spiritual and physical experience. It aims for raw authenticity and not fantastical creatures which we believe would detract from the human experience.

Will the film be entered into Film Festivals?
It is our intention to enter the film into festivals. Each festival has it's own entry requirements and at this time we do not know which festivals we are planning to enter.  We want the world to see this film, so as many as possible!

Is the music original in the film?
Yes.  The music is very important to us in this particular film.  We treat it as if it's another character, or more accurately a manifestation of the spirit of the characters; crying out on behalf of them when words would not suffice.  Unlike the traditional method where the music is scored once the final edit of the film is complete, the development of music for this film is directly tied to it's production and has been and will continue to be created simultaneously with everything else.  If you would like to hear some of the samples visit our Music page.

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