Frequently Asked Questions

Financing, Funding and support

I am interested in investing in this film, how do I do that?
We are offering investment through share purchase in The Burn Movie Inc. Please visit our Funding page for more information.

I can't give much, but I still want to contribute. How can I support the making of the film?
We graciously accept any support you would like to donate to the film. Financial support can be made through Patreon or PayPal, please visit our Funding page for more information. If you would like to donate your time or services please Contact Us for more information on the opportunities available.

I'm not able to contribute financially at this time but believe in this project.  How can I help get this film made?
Share. Share. Share.  Right now we just need this information to get out there.  Share our website ( to all friends, family, and colleagues, and especially anyone who you think may be interested in investing or supporting this project.  Follow us on our Thousand Year Films Facebook page.  Be active on the page.  "Like" our posts.  "Share" and "Comment" on our posts, pictures and videos.  Invite other friends whom you think would appreciate the work we're doing to like the page as well.  

about our patreon campaign

What methods of payment are acceptable on Patreon?
Patreon accepts PayPal and credit card payments.

Is Patreon secure?
Yes.  Patreon's payment system is secure.  Further we (at TYF) never see your credit card information, all payments are processed through Patreon.

What date is the monthly payment charged?
The 1st of every month.

Is there a contract or time commitment for the subscription?
No! Though we would be sad to see you go, the subscription can be cancelled at anytime.

Is the pledge amount refundable?

Can I change the amount?
Yes, you can change the amount at any time. Please note that your rewards package will change accordingly.

What if I want to make a one-time donation instead of a monthly subscription?
If you would like to make a one-time donation please contact us at [email protected] Donations can be made via e-Transfer, PayPal, Cheque and Cash. 

Can I purchase investment shares in the film instead pledging donations?
Yes, currently shares in The Burn Movie Inc. are available for purchase. For more information please contact us at [email protected].

I want to support Thousand Year Films and the current film, what other means of support can I offer?
Please support us on social media and "Like", "Comment", "Share" and "Follow" us. 

Getting involved

I want to act in this film, what should I do?
We are currently seeking actors of all ages, ethnicity and gender for the film. Please visit our Casting page for more information. Your resume and headshot will be required for submission. For more information please Contact Us.

I want to be part of the crew on this film, what should I do?
If you have experience in production or a passion for learning please visit our
Join Us page. We highly value motivation, dedication, continuous learning and  alignment. If you would like to be part of a dynamic and high-functioning team, please apply.

I don't know anything about making a movie, can I still be involved?
Depending on the cast or crew positions available, we are always looking for the "right" person to fill a role. We believe in mentorship and continuous learning. If you are the right fit for our team we will work with you to achieve success. Please apply by visiting our Join Us or Casting pages. For more general information or questions you can also Contact Us.

technical questions about the film

What cameras and gear are being used to create the film?
At Thousand Year Films, we highly believe that the value of a film should never be determined by the cameras being used to capture it.  We want the work to speak for itself.

About the "FATHER OF NATIONS" Concept video

Are the actors that appear in the concept video the same actors that will play the roles in the final film?
The actors were very involved in the development phase of the film. Not only were they able to deeply connect with the characters and bring them to life, their dedication throughout the production of the concept video was steadfast; we could not have done it without them. We are currently working to secure financing for the film and that is a major factor in determining the cast. To date we have not secured the final cast.

Are the costumes in the concept trailer going to be used in the final film?
The wardrobe pieces used in the "BURN Concept Video" were only used for developmental purposes.  We currently have very talented people working on much more specific and intentional costume designs for the characters in this film.  

Is the name of the film going to remain BURN?
You may have seen in a few places that we have the disclaimer "Working Title" next to the name "BURN".  A working title is generally used for two purposes:  The first being, an official title has not yet been decided upon, with the working title purely being for identification purposes.  And the second being a ruse to intentionally disguise the real nature of a project.  Which applies to us?  That's for you to speculate.  :)

About Thousand Year Films

What is our stance on mature/adult content such as coarse language, violence, and sexual content?  Does Thousand Year Films permit such content in its films?

We treat this type of content very seriously, and the short answer is yes we do permit such content in our films.  HOWEVER, it is not done casually or without thought.  We do have boundaries and some strict criteria that the content must adhere to.  We believe there is a difference between Graphic and Gratuitous, generally speaking, we permit Graphic content.  We feel this is a topic that requires more than what can be offered in a FAQ and we suggest reading about our Mature Content Policy to better understand our stance on this issue.   The Mature Content Policy will help you understand why we permit it, as well as clearly outlining what is not acceptable and how we determine what is permitted.

How long has Thousand Year Films Inc. been around?
We've been laying the foundation for Thousand Year Films since 2011, although 2017 is when we officially made our presence known to the public.