“Father of Nations” concept video

Father of Nations Concept Video (6:16)
We've assembled this video from footage that we shot during development and is the result of the exploration, testing and research we did during this stage.  This is a conceptual video only to demonstrate the overall tone of the film we are producing.

behind the scenes

Here you can find all other "BURN" related videos, these shed more light on the project and provide an inside look into our development of this film.

PROJECT BURN Behind the Scenes: Final Development Shoot (8:07)

"This was one of my fondest days of development. It was just a small intimate group, and it was just such a bittersweet day as it was the last day of shooting for our proof of concept video for the film. It was calm and tranquil and very low stress... development was special.

Now, we're gearing up to shoot the actual movie for real. No more concept, no more "tests"... but it is my wish that the tone set during production, no matter what size the shoot may be or how many people; this is the tone I want. Peace, safety and a strong bond between all involved."

Nathan Horch

Discovering Burn - "Going Beyond the Words" (1:57)
In this video, actor Ed Ogum, talks about what it was like exploring the character during the filming of the concept video with no script, and the freedom that it brought to discover.

Screenshots from what we filmed on this day as you can see in the video.

Adam Cry.png
BeforeAft - Adam Dead 2.png
Smokey Climb.png
Smokey Climb Amara.png
Spirit Return Close (Color).png
BurnDev_Through the Maze_C0002_000234.png