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BURN Concept Music

The music is very important to us in this particular film.  We treat it as if it's another character, or more accurately a manifestation of the spirit of the characters; crying out on behalf of them when words would not suffice.  Unlike the traditional method where the music is scored once the final edit of the film is complete, the development of the music for this film is directly tied to it's production and has been and will continue to be created simultaneously with everything else. 


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BURN Soundtrack (34:11)

1: Echoes of Creation (4:44)
2: The Vestige of Life (3:31)
3: Haven (6:15)
4: Amara Absolved (2:27)
5: The Evening Bell (2:47)
6: Storehouse of Heaven (2:20)

Bonus Tracks
7: The Ancient Sun (Vestige Reprise) (3:08)
8: Burn (Narrative) (5:43)
9: Burn (Orchestral) (5:43)


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